Sunday, 9 October 2011

Three miles!

Before anyone gets too excited (or worried) it was only a three mile walk on the flat. This still represents my longest test of the tendon to date and I'm pleased to report that it feels OK, maybe a little stiff now I've been sitting around after.

It has been a typical wet Keswick day, but I thought if I was running I'd go out so out we went; no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. A walk out through the park, turn at the Bouncy Bridge and back to Keswick. Most pleasingly, there didn't seem to be any limp, even towards the end.

The Bouncy Bridge

Towards Keswick, Latrigg beyond

I've also been thinking about the time when I do eventually start running again and have decided I will try and do my usual kick start to the winters training by having a run on the West Highland Way. In the last two years I have run from Milngavie to Rowardennan at a nice easy pace just to ignite the fire. Last year I joined  my friend Ali for a lovely run in the snow. To this end, I have booked a weekend in December and will aim to get at least to Balmaha, if not Rowardennan, but I'll be quite happy to walk bits and just be thankful I'm out there. So the first running target is written in the diary!

Many a time, I have been training in the mountains and wished I had a camera with me, I do live in the most beautiful part of the country after all and I would like to be able to post pictures and perhaps video clips from my runs. Both my phone and camera are too expensive and a bit too heavy to use, so I have sent off for one of these;

It's a micro video camera, only 5.5cm hight and weighs only 50g. No real idea how good it will be, but I'm getting a returned reconditioned model for a real bargain price so I think it's worth taking a punt. I'll let you know (and show) how it goes.

Finally, I have only just discovered the statistics available to bloggers. I expected to get readers from the UK and western Europe; welcome to you, but I would like to extend a special welcome to my readers from the United States, Canada, Russia and Azerbaijan.

I'm beginning to think computers and this Interweb thingy might start to take off soon!

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John Kynaston said...

Good start Dave.

I'll be interested to see how you get on with your camera.

I've recently ordered an action camera from via groupon.

We can compare videos!