Monday, 17 October 2011

Open the hurt box

Firstly, I must explain the post title. A work colleague, Adam (he of the man suit comment - see first blog post), came out with another cracker last week. When describing a fellow runner who was able to dig deep and suffer, he used the phrase "He knows how to open the hurt box and climb inside", which I thought was a fantastic graphic image; we've all been there. Can't wait for the next Adamism.

Things have been a little stagnant on the recovery front. Ever since the operation, each day has felt better and a step nearer to running again, but over the last week I just feel that not a lot has happened. I've still been getting on the bike and doing the exercises, but want the same rapid recovery I've witnessed for the previous two months. I do feel a little more confident about coping with the day at work and have to remember that the surgeon suggested three months post op to aim for with regard to running, but the heel and tendon still feel a long way from being able to cope with training.

Trying to be more positive and looking ahead to training, the mini video camera came towards the end of last week. First impressions are that it is tiny but quite rugged; small enough to carry on training runs and even in races.

I wanted to try it out, so took some short clips as I walked into work through the park on Thursday last week. There is no view finder so I will have to get used to the positioning of the unit but it's really simple to use and should be great for recording some adventures in the wild. Just so I could have a play, I've spliced together some of the clips into a short video, some parts of which those of you who have started out on a Bob Graham Round will recognise.

Off to do some more floor exercises; got a couple of episodes of Wilfred to catch up with - how do they get away with it? 


John Kynaston said...

Great video .. does it do sound?

DaveT said...

Thanks John. Sound works great, just thought I'd lay some music over the sound of rushing water. The picture has lost quality during upload to the blog though. I need to sort this out. Not a bad walk to work is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I got to your blog via John's. I've got a version of this camera - the atom micro one... I find that the image quality of the photos isn't too great (only 2mega pixels) but the video is ok. I did this video with it, but please excuse the editing... it was my first attempt and I didnt have good software to cut it. :-) Hope you enjoy the camera - i like mine because its so compact and easy to carry / store! Lorn