Monday, 3 October 2011

That felt like training

I feel that I have had a slightly different outlook on my rehabilitation over the last week. When I am on the turbo trainer, it doesn't feel like a way of exercising my tendon; I am now able to cycle normally on a much higher resistance and might tentatively call it "training".

I saw the surgeon again on Friday. He was REALLY positive, to the point that he said he was happy to leave me in the hands of the physio here in Keswick. So I don't have to make the long journey down to Wrexham again.
This feels like a significant moment and draws a line under that episode, in the same way that making the decision to have surgery put a stop to the "just live with it".
For those that are interested, this is the consultant that sorted me out from diagnosis to surgery. I only wish I had done this five years ago.

I am not really sure what the next goal should be. My immediate target is to be able to raise and lower myself using my left foot only which may be a week away. I'm seeing the physio tomorrow and she will no doubt have a few tricks up her sleeve for me!
The only negative point is some pain in the ankle ligaments which comes on during the day as I limp. This is something that is getting easier but is still very noticable.

On a complete change of tack; I have to say congratulations to those taking part in the Commonwealth Ultra Champs last week. I followed John Kynaston's Twitter feeds and loved the videos (watched when on the Turbo trainer). I must mention Debs and Sharon. I have never personally known a national record holder before and after one 24 hour period I know two!! I assume the talent flows to the rest of us like some kind of osmosis thing in the same way that I become a better golfer after I make my annual trip to watch the Open Championship on some wind swept links.

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