Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I'm a good patient

Had my latest appointment with the physio this afternoon. She was encouraged with the news that the surgeon was happy with his side of the recovery and we talked very positively about the next couple of months.

After checking the scar to make sure it is staying supple and comparing the range of movement to the right foot, I mentioned the ligament pain in my ankle. She did a quick gait analysis (I had a good limp as it was straight after work) and noticed an imbalance in muscle tone in my calfs and gluteus minimus.

She then put together a series of exercises for me to do, some of which strengthen the tendon and soleus muscle and some address the muscle imbalance.

Step exercises with the hard work being done eccentrically on the way down. (3 sets of 12)

Bridge exercises (10 x holding position, 30 up & down, 10 x alternate legs)
Clam exercises (20 x on back, 20 x right side, 20 x back, 20 x left, 20 x back) Resistance band round the knees.
Then some deep massage to release trigger points in the calf.

 ...... and obviously some stretching!!

If you include 30 minutes on the turbo trainer, I estimate I will spend about 3 hours a week more in "training" now than I will when I'm back running fully. Anyway, it keeps me off the streets!!

She finally suggested I could try doing something a little more runningesque in 3 or 4 weeks time to see how it copes with short 1 minute runs with 5 minute walks, but I said I would prefer to see her again before I take that step. (I hope you are reading this mother)
What a good patient I am!

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John Kynaston said...

Good to read you are making steady progress.