Friday, 13 July 2012

SLMM video

Although this week was supposed to be the first week of a three week taper, it has been more of a recovery week after the SLMM. My legs and, in particular, my back obviously took quite a pounding last weekend, meaning that I have limited myself to just three 3 mile jogs. I had a massage on Tuesday night but it is only by today that I have felt more comfortable when running. I am not having a panic over this, I have only really changed a couple of sessions from my original plan and I know that the hard work I did last weekend will reap rewards in a couple of weeks time.

As I write this, I look down at my watch and shudder as I realise two weeks from today I will have been running for 23 minutes of the Lakeland 100 with the whole adventure ahead of me. Bring it on!!

I managed to take some video clips during the SLMM weekend and have put together a short film to give some idea of how the race unfolded for me. Enjoy.

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