Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pre race thoughts

This time in two days I will have been running for about an hour in the Lakeland 100 race. I thought I would be really nervous at this point but I generally feel quite calm and just want to get running.

The taper has not been easy and for the first week and a half I felt awful. In the last week it has been very different as I have been really bouncing along on my training runs, holding back the pace and enjoying the short sessions.

Last weekend, I made my regular pilgrimage to the Open Golf Championship at Lytham. What a fantastic weekend and what a dramatic finish. I could not do any training over the weekend but allowed for that in my plan, though anyone who has been to watch a major golf event will tell you that it is a long tiring couple of days.

This week I have just had a couple of steady 5 milers and have been most encouraged with the way my legs have felt - maybe the taper has worked after all?!

With regard to the race itself, I think I have got all my kit sorted, including my drop bag for Dalemain. I have added a note with a list of things I must do at Dalemain and a list of things I might want to do, that way I hope that I will not miss anything out or leave some important kit behind in the heat of battle.

I have a rough plan in place, though it is not as detailed as when I did the West Highland Way race in 2010. Due to the terrain, it is more difficult to keep to a schedule so I have decided to only have some rough targets for the first couple of legs (mainly to stop myself from going too fast) and then run/walk/crawl as I feel I can from there.

So the training is done and I'm ready to go. Good luck to everyone taking part and I hope the weekend brings you success in whatever form you measure that.

It is almost exactly a year since I had my operation and I can remember lying on my bed in the hospital thinking about this race. BRING IT ON!!


Debs M-C said...

Very best of luck, Dave. I'm sure you'll smash it!

I'm looking forward to watching the race unford.

If you get a low points just remember the time when you couldn't run.

Kick ass!!

Debs M-C

Anonymous said...

Your fine H Fling performance was just one of many building blocks for this biggie. I'll be following you from the comfort of my armchair. Be positive! Enjoy!!

Murdo tM

Andy Cole said...

Good luck Dave. I'll be there to see you guys off on Friday.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your post race write-up, Dave.

"From Recovery to Beyond". Have you now reached "Beyond"??? Mission successful, I am sure. Well done indeed!!

Murdo tM