Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lakeland 100 Result

Just a quick update for now as my mind and body are struggling to take in all the happenings of the weekend.

I nailed it! 10th place in 25:52 hours. All expectations surpassed.

It is a tale of sunshine, showers, wind and rain, slow starts and negative splits, poor choices of clothing, too many gels and not enough beef stew, checkpoint marquees with sofas and a race to break 26 hours.

I'll get my thoughts together at some point and do a full report but for now I need some sleep.


NORRY said...

Great Race Dave,

Thats a great effort, look forward to reading your report.

Recover Well

Dale Jamieson said...


Thomas said...

Top performance in a super tough event. A well deserved top 10. Congratulations!

Debs M-C said...

Huge congratulations! Amazing running.

Debs M-C

Ps: Don't bother writing a report. Just post a link to JK's :-)