Sunday, 22 September 2013

Ring O Fire Day 1 video

I have finally got round to putting together some of my video clips from the Ring O Fire race into a short film. Unfortunately, the new video camera uses a different format to my previous one and I have had to look for a new editing software package. I've tried a few different programmes and, at the moment, I'm using a free trial version of Serif Movie Plus which I really like and will probably upgrade to the full version which I can then work in HD with. At the moment, I've only done Day 1 of the race, just as a practice and, unfortunately, I somehow managed to turn the sound recording off part way through the run so you can't hear me talking to the camera, saying how hard I was finding the race. I have much more footage of Day 2 and Day 3, with the sound on, so I'll put together a video of those races too.

To say it has been a bit quiet on the running front since the race would be the understatement of the year. Basically, I have felt trashed since the race, to the point where I have just switched off from running completely. A few years ago, I would probably have just ploughed on with my training, pushing my body further and further into the red and on towards the inevitable injury. Now, I know I have to listen to my body and respond accordingly.

Last weekend, I spent a lot of time on my feet as I spent a day marshalling on the Ultimate Trails 100km race and I have mentally ticked that as a race to do in the future; it looks like a cracking course on a tough route - what else could you ask for?!

The only race I have left this season is the Red Bull Steeplechase in the Peak District. It is an interesting concept; at each of the checkpoints around the course, the field is whittled down from 350 runners until only the top 30 are left to complete the full race distance of 21 miles. I'm not really sure how I'm going to run tactically, but I would love to make the full distance and finish in the top 30. The race is only a couple of weeks away so I'm just going to do some shorter tempo sessions to get my legs used to running again, pitch up at the race, spit on my hands and run. How hard can it be ;-)

I did think about putting an entry in for the Ennerdale 50km trail race at the end of October and then call it a day on this season, but that was before the Ring O Fire race and the alarm bells ringing in my ears from my body. So the Steeplechase will be my last outing this season and I'm going to just slightly re-jig my recovery/winter programmes. I would normally finish the season at the end of October, take November off and then slowly start my winter training in December. Next year, my first big race will be the Hardmoors 110 which is at the end of May, a month earlier than the WHW race which means I can simply shift my routine back a month - take most of October off (just the odd 3 miler to keep me sane) and perhaps the first week or two of November, Start training mid November and use the tried and tested plan.

I've got a few ideas I want to play around with next season regarding training and racing but those will be for another post. Though, as you know me, it will be evolution, not revolution!

Happy running.

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John Kynaston said...

Great video Dave ... shame about the sound commentary! It's always to hear your views especially when you are struggling as it doesn't happen very often!

Looking forward to days 2 and 3!