Sunday, 17 February 2013

Gorgeous day

I finished off a great week of training today with a couple of hours round Glenderaterra area.

It was a fabulous morning and, though I am tired from a big week of training, I was bouncing along, taking in the views and stopping to take photos.

Having clocked up a high mileage week (for me, anyway), I will make sure I take things nice and easy next week, probably only training 4 or 5 sessions to give my muscles and joints some time to recover.

My focus is now starting to drift towards the High Peak Marathon in a couple of weeks time. 42 miles of slogging round the Peak District in the dark will make for quite an adventure and yet another good block of time on feet in prepatation for bigger battles later in the year.

I have another trip up to Scotland planned for 4 weeks time when I hope to run Tyndrum to Fort William, which means I will have covered the full WHW already and any other trips after that are a bonus.


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