Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Golden Mile

With the recent publicity regarding the Sport Relief Mile, it got me thinking what my favourite mile of running might be. This could be anywhere; road, trails, fells, track, parkland, undulating, flat, downhill, uphill, thick mud, soft grass, part of a race route, a regular training route, anything! If you could only run 1 special mile for the rest of your life, where would it be?

I gave this some thought but fairly quickly came to my decision. My Golden Mile would be the section of path forming a terrace above the River Greta on the way back into Keswick at the foot of Latrigg Fell.

This is a lovely singletrack with lots of tight corners, short uphills and descents. It is great for working on your running gait, trying to be smooth, adding in little accelerations. You can run it as a tempo effort or simply cruise along enjoying the view over the river. I always look forward to running it and often plan a run to finish with this mile section. I finished my run tonight along the terrace and filmed the route so you can get an idea of the terrain. (The video is speeded up - It is a shame I can't run that fast!)

I thought some of you out there might give this idea some thought and share your favourite mile run with us all via your blogs; it doesn't matter where in the world you are or what standard of runner you are, which mile puts a smile on your face? I think the "Golden Mile" you choose says much about the kind of runner you are; psychoanalysts get ready!


Ali said...

Looks like a lovely route Dave. My favourite path for running on is the path along the top of Sauchie Craigs near Stirling - it's only half a mile long, so if I do there and back does that count? The Stirling Sport Relief mile course wasn't too bad - all on grass and nice views of the castle.

John Kynaston said...

Great video ... look forward to running it one day with you!