Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Blair Witch Project

Just a very quick post.

Thought I would see how the mini camera copes in very low light and darkness, so took it with me on a 4 mile walk/jog. With very little light it obviously struggles to get any quality, but it does give a flavour of the route. The view over the fells was stunning tonight and I'm glad some of it was picked up on the video.

Don't imagine I'll be doing much night videoing anyway; just wanted to do a bit of a test. Without the music, the video is very "Blair Witch Project" so I thought I needed to put an upbeat sound track over the top to stop anyone having nightmares!


Ali said...

That's inspired me to go out for a run tonight. I like the bit when the view of the fells reflected in th lake looms out of the darkness.

DaveT said...

Thanks Ali. Tracey did actually start the run with me. She fell over in the woods whilst doing her duty and filming me. I felt really guilty as I sent her home and carried on by myself!