Friday, 2 September 2011

Physio visit

Had my first appointment with the physio today. Huge bonus that she has also done a fair bit of running so understands where I want to be and in the past has attended a lecture talk by the surgeon who carried out my operation.
I did not really know what I should or shouldn't be doing so have wrapped myself in cotton wool since the operation. The physio checked out the ankle, made lots of encouraging remarks about the progress and then proceeded to attack me with a vengeance, twisting, prodding, pinching. I wouldn't have used that much aggression on my good foot, but even within a short time the range of movement increased and along with it, my confidence.
She then gave me a variety of resistance bands and showed me some exercises to do over the next few weeks. In addition, I was advised to do some core strength drills to help speed up the recovery.

So, this could be me in six weeks time. Tracey has been very encouraging with regard to this stage of my rehabilitation!!!!!
This all gives me the first opportunity in five months to put together an exercise plan, though it's going to be difficult to include a winter base, speedwork and a taper before I see the physio again in two weeks.

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